About Agri-Food Platform

The AU-EU Agri-food platform is a platform for African and European Agrifood businesses.

The platform aims to be an active and participative forum for dialogue and good practices between the private sector, governments and development partners. The legal framework for the Agrifood sector, policies and regulations, access to credit, effective government intervention, and responsible investments are all potential topics of the Agrifood platform.


The AU-EU Agrifood Platform was initially mentioned in the Business Declaration of the EU Africa Business Forum and the Abidjan Action Plan back in 2017 and it is also included in the action agenda endorsed at the third ‘AU-EU Agricultural Ministerial Conference’ of 21st June 2019.

The platform aims at linking the African and European private sectors in the Agrifood sector to foster sustainable and inclusive investments in African agriculture and will help identify sector-specific barriers to private investment and trade. It will also promote Agrifood business-to-business initiatives such as exchange of good practices or mentoring schemes between companies, as well as promote vocational training programmes.

Finally it will give a structure and an effective voice to the African agri-business sector comparable to those existing in Europe, where Agrifood is one of the most important productive sectors.