Power and Electrical Supply: The Ghanaian government estimated in 2006 that total electrical supply would need to double by 2013 to keep up with demand.

Oil and Gas: The confirmed discovery of oil in 2007 has caused great excitement.  Because of investments in the oil industry Ghana is anticipating a boost in Ghana’s economic growth.

Telecommunications: Mobile-cellular companies with prepaid cards have made major gains in market share, the use of phones for money transfer and other services are on the rise.

Transportation: Overall the transportation sector is growing and offers good investment opportunities, Ghana is a growing market for new vehicles.

Heavy Equipment: Earth-moving equipment is in demand for use in road construction, mining operations and in commercial/residential property development. Gold extraction is the focus of most mining activity.

Agricultural Sectors: There is an increasing demand for wheat bran for livestock and poultry, local rice cultivation does not meet local demand even though Ghana has a total of 125,000 hectares of land under rice cultivation.

Manufacturing constitutes just 6% of Ghana’s GDP (2011) and needs to expand over the next decade, mainly in light manufacturing, food and beverages production, textiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, metal, wood products and glass manufacturing