The Mission of EBO-Ghana is to provide a common platform for discussion and development of European Businesses relations in Ghana and for Ghanaian business towards Europe.


  • EBO-Ghana is a pro-active partner in the development of an open and profitable business atmosphere between Ghana and Europe.


  • To provide a platform for European businesses in third markets.
  • To provide access to local market knowledge for stakeholders in Europe.
  • To advocate European best business practices and standards in third markets.
  • To network at the regional and global level in providing best practices for common interests.
  • To provide input and monitoring of Free Trade Agreements.
  • To Advocate and lobby to resolve trade barriers for European companies operating in Ghana.
  • To assist Ghanaian business to enjoy the advantages of entering the EU markets, when Free Trade Agreements are implemented.
  • To promote Ghana and Ecowas as a preferred trade partner for the EU markets
  • To actively assist Ghana in the development of the Common Ecowas market.
  • To be a pro-active dialogue-partner of the Government of Ghana on laws and policies touching upon business possibilities or affecting European businesses relations.
  • To create and sustain a positive image of Europe, European Businesses and Europeans in Ghana.