EBO-Ghana stands for European Business Organization in Ghana and is the first EBO in Africa.
EBO-Ghana is the first EBO in Africa but worldwide EBO is present in 26 countries outside the European Union.

The EBO initiative was taken in 2001 by the European Union, with the aim to have 1 voice of European Businesses outside the European Union towards the EU and host countries.

EBO is currently present in 27 countries outside the European Union and is the sole network representing EU-wide business interests in Third Countries.

The start of EBO-Ghana was an initiative of the Mission of the European Union in Ghana and the National Chambers of Commerce of Germany, France, The Netherlands and Denmark.

Today EBO- Ghana represents, and is endorsed by all European Embassies and the European Commission in Ghana and representing European Business interests for European multinational Companies and European Small and Medium Enterprises in Ghana.

12 Leading European Multinational Companies in Ghana are the founding Members of EBO-Ghana and supported us with the start-up capital.

The main targets of EBO are;

  • Gathering and sharing Information on trade barriers for European companies.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying for market access on behalf of European companies
  • Advising host countries in how to do business with Europe and European companies
  • Advising and protecting on European Intellectual Rights. (Patents)
  • Promoting European Business standards on transparency, like good corporate governance, Environment and Social Responsibilities.
  • Monitoring of the Free Trade Agreement (EPA) between the EU and Ghana (Ecowas).
  • Creating a hotline for violations of the EPA agreement for the European Companies in Ghana

EBO is the only recognized Business Organization by the European Union and EBO-Ghana has been endorsed by all EU national Embassies and the Mission of the European Union in Ghana, The Ambassador of the EU to Ghana is an Honorary Board member of EBO-Ghana.

Additional information about EBO can be found on;

www.eurboghana.eu                      www.ebowwn.eu