As part of the firm and growing business relationship between Europe and Ghana, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has put together measures to support European and African companies with investment activities that will help increase employment opportunities in Africa.

This initiative has been termed ‘Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation’ under the brand ‘Invest for Jobs’. The special initiative in Ghana is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellaschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in collaboration with diverse partners including the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK Ghana).

The collaboration with the German Chamber of Commerce focuses on supporting European businesses within a range of sectors, for example, automotive, waste management, logistics, construction, information technology (IT), hospitality, and food processing looking to expand within or even enter the Ghanaian market.  Eligible companies and company consortia can apply for a range of services like market entry survey and analysis, individual consulting, and advisory services as well as networking events and fact-finding missions to make their business journey successful.

The project also assists businesses by improving export opportunities, breaching investment obstacles, ensuring a skilled workforce as well as fostering sustainable investment. The focus is both on SMEs and well-established large companies.

Ultimate objective: The project aims at improving the business environment and competitiveness as well as boosting the cooperation between Ghanaian and European businesses, targeting training opportunities and job creation.

AHK Ghana’s specific role under this collaboration with the Special Initiative is to guide and support companies with German background looking to expand within or even enter the Ghanaian market.

For further information, as to how other European chambers and their members in Ghana may gain from the Initiative, please contact Gloria Mills at the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana:

Contact Details

Gloria Mills

Project Manager

Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Ghana (AHK Ghana)


0540 126 798

For further enquiries on the ‘Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation’ visit

Contact Details

Florent Patault


GIZ – Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation   

0552 828 205

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